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businessman using calculatorAs a business owner, you wear many hats and oversee countless responsibilities. Naturally, you would likely prefer to prepare your tax return yourself. Doing so can seem like the right way to save money; however, it can often end up costing you more. Business taxes are some of the most complicated to date. Trying to organize, prepare, and file them when your time is already stretched thin can lead to errors, fees, and unwanted attention from the IRS.

While tax filing software offers some assistance, there is no substitute for the support, guidance, and insight you get from professional tax preparers. At John E. Bennett CPA, we are a full-service firm dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Stevenson Ranch. Our founder and CPA, John "Jack" E. Bennett, provides the knowledge and skill for expert business tax preparation services.

We keep up with the ever-changing tax laws. Our team is always looking for better ways to help you save time and money to invest back into your business. We know how to prepare your taxes in ways that follow all federal and state guidelines, keeping you compliant in all tax-related matters. We also serve those owning and operating companies in Santa Clarita and Valencia. Contact John E. Bennett CPA to get started.

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Preparing Taxes for All Entity Types

At John E. Bennett CPA, we prepare taxes for businesses of all sizes, entities, and industries. This means we can provide the same level of attention and skilled preparation to sole, general, and limited proprietorships as we would for large corporations. Our many years of working with various industries and entity structures allow us to offer practical strategies designed to meet your business's unique needs.

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Professional Tax Preparer

It can be challenging to determine whether your business needs professional tax help. The truth is your company can benefit from experienced preparers regardless if you are just starting out or business is booming. Below are five signs it might be time to hire a professional:

  1. You spend too much time on your business's accounting needs
  2. Your company is expanding rapidly
  3. Your investments are generating excess paperwork
  4. You want to itemize deductions
  5. You received an IRS audit notification

Small Business Payroll & Sales Tax Filing

business owners standing in front of storeAs a business owner, you are required to make payroll and state tax payments. The funds withheld from your employee's paychecks and your business taxes must be prepared and filed. Tax payments collected from each business sale also needs to be filed within the same timeframe. Failing to do so accurately and on time can lead to penalties or a possible audit.

Strategic tax preparation from our team of experienced Stevenson Ranch CPAs can help you avoid errors and potential fees. We take our time to ensure the accuracy of all your payroll and sales tax returns. In doing so, we can help you avoid consequences that could impact your business.

Secretary of State Filings

If you are an aspiring Stevenson Ranch business owner, it is likely that you will need to register and form your legal entity with the Secretary of State Office. This is necessary to file the correct taxes, register as a California employer, and obtain your business license. Filing with the Secretary of State's office also allows you to gain essential permits from the cities and counties you plan to operate your venture.

You may need to obtain additional licenses, permits, or certifications depending on your business type. At John E. Bennett CPA, we work with you to get your venture registered and recognized as a legal entity. Our team will help you select the right structure that best reflects your business goals and allows you to take advantage of your status as an entrepreneur.

Why Choose A CPA to Prepare Business Taxes?

As a business owner, your taxes must be filed correctly, on time, and without errors. Tax rules and regulations are immense and only seem to get more confusing with time. This is especially true for business owners. At John E. Bennett CPA, we want you to succeed, not just during tax season, but all year-round. By having your tax returns prepared professionally, our team can:

  • Organize your records
  • Plan early for the current and future tax seasons
  • Help you stay informed on tax changes
  • Help you navigate through complicated tax codes
  • Provide you with expert insight for informed financial decisions
  • Give you back valuable time & money
  • Provide you with much-needed peace-of-mind

The Value of Proactive Tax Preparation

businessman adding coin inside glass jarIf you are trying to juggle everything that requires you to run a company, sound tax return preparation can fall to the wayside. Without timely, effective, and accurate preparation, you could be missing out on significant tax credits and dedications as a business owner.

Proactive tax preparation from our team involves careful planning and working with you to create a tax strategy designed to help you benefit from your tax obligations in many ways. We can help you take control of when and how much you pay. Our team will help you set up your business in a way that contributes to lowering your liability and protect your assets.

Combining proactive tax preparation with year-round support, John E. Bennett CPA can help you take advantage of your tax situation instead. Our Stevenson Ranch firm believes in the American Dream, helping businesses of all sizes, industries, and structures stay compliant and discover additional opportunities for revenue and growth.

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At John E. Bennett CPA, we provide business tax preparation backed by decades of experience. Our full-service firm enjoys assisting businesses and entrepreneurs across Stevenson Ranch, Santa Clarita, and Valencia. For more information on how we can help your sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation thrive, contact our firm today and schedule your consultation!

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